March 23, 2020

When dedication becomes an obsession.

Yesterday one of the accounts I follow on the Instagrams, posted a story with the now-famous ask me anything”. This account belongs to a Crossfit athlete. Normally I would have tons of questions for these people except when they go Ask me anything”, then, I got nothing. And yet I asked the first thing that came to mind. Do you train/workout every single day or do you take days off with no activity whatsoever? I don’t have the exact response from her but it was somewhere along the lines of, yes I do take days off with no activity, I listen to my body”.

Lately, this is something I have been struggling with, knowing when to stop and take breaks. I have this mission” in my head. Or is it an obsession? That I need to workout every single day, whether is cardio, heavy lifting or some light activity. There are days that I can tell that my body needs a rest but I feel guilty if I don’t do anything. Then I get all these notifications on my watch from friends, so and so finished a workout! And that fuels the guiltiness of not doing anything. If I don’t do anything I am being lazy and won’t achieve my goal, whatever that is.

This one of my struggles, knowing when to stop, rest and not feel guilty about it.


I am, well, we are getting new iPhones tomorrow, I am excited.

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