Pelican Pub & Brewery The Brewed Abides

Name: The Brewed Abides Style: English Sweet/Milk Stout Brewer: Pelican Pub & Brewery - Oregon ABV: 7.0 IBU:Rating: 4/5 Notes: it’s beat if you eat an Oreo after having a sip.

All brewers like a cocktail from time to time, but how about the best of both worlds in this cocktail inspired beer? Taking inspiration from the > classic White Russian” cocktail as well as the movie that made it famous is The Brewed Abides,” a milk stout with vanilla, coffee and cocoa. This unique beer pours a chocolate color with dense off white head and entices the senses with an aromatic bouquet of vanilla, coffee, and dark chocolate. | Brewed with coffee, cocoa, lactose and vanilla

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