I suck at gaming sometimes.

Have you ever been a fan of a franchise or genre of games, that you are very fan of but can’t play them or being good at them? For whatever reason. I do! There are a few games that I love the idea, the story, the entire lore about them, but man, do I suck at playing them.

A few examples,

Mortal Kombat, love this franchise, i love everything about it, but I suck at fighting games. Especially trying to remember combos and how to od fatalities and such! I can’t remember which one it was, but i was so glad he had cheat-codes to do falatilies. Another fighting game/franchise I have always loved is Street Fighter and I am probably actually decent at this one.

A few examples of those;

I think these are my most memorable examples and again, RPGs, in general, are both loved and hated in some shape or form!

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