I was late today and I totally blame my one-year-old (Luna). I mean, it’s not like I have a tight schedule, as long as I show up around the time I am usually around. My job’s pretty loose when it comes to that, which is kind of nice, as long as you don’t abuse it of it that is. It is kind of hard to get off the bed when the girls are yet sleeping, it’s not all the time that happens, except that it is not the weekend 👎.

Well, it was more like 50/50 their fault. I normally wear my Apple Watch to bed and have set my alarm to no sound. All I get is the watch vibrating on my wrtist, that way I don’t wake up anybody. So typically even if the girls are still sleeping I’d get out of the bed and get ready — not today. I think at one point I meant to snooze the alarm and I might accidentally turn it off instead. Ups!

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