January 10, 2020


A conversation I had this morning made think about when I first moved to the States and my English was much worse than it is right now. For example, I had a hard time assimilating or getting into my head the word teeth. In Spanish as well as many other words in English, anything that is plural it’d have an s” at the end. Right? Teeth in Spanish is Dientes, plural of Diente. So many times I’d say teeths which it’d sound as tits! Which it could have gotten me into trouble. Can you imagine? Me going hello lady, you have the most beautiful tits (teeth) I’ve ever seen!” 😕

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Delete All The Temptations. Cleaned up my dock a little bit today. Deleted a bunch of apps that I knew I wasn’t really going to use. Same on the phone. I had a moment of
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You know your not alright in the head when you put the moka pot in the microwave instead of on the stove. 🤪Good morning