A Post About Twitter.

In an effort to be more engaging in other social media, I have been making some changes. Instead of just liking or favoriting something, I am trying to reach out to whomever posted, whatever it was I happened to like, and say something — engage. And the more I think of this the more I realize that this is coming from my time in Micro.blog. Micro.blog kinda trained me to do so, it encourages interactions, to reach out to others and I think this is a behavior we have lost in other social media places — specifically Twitter. We have come lazy and possibly uninterested in human interaction. It is easier to just hit a heart bottom than to say thanks” or I really like what you shared, thanks for sharing”. Someone may make the argument that that’s what they mean by hitting that heart, thank you”, I appreciate your tweet/comment/thoughts”.

Maybe I’m recalling a very different twitter. I didn’t have these feelings about it when I first joined back in 2008. It was a place full of back and forth conversations and sharing common interests. There’s was less hate for sure. Or perhaps I am been too naive in way and too idealistic and therefore unrealistic. But it’s what I’d like to see. Then again, like I’ve said before, maybe is either the the Micro.blog-effect or the longing for an old” Twitter. Also I need to be realistic, I can’t expect someone — that is not a celebrity — with 1k plus followers on twitter, for example, to notice my comment and say something.

Whilst I was typing this, I did deactivate my twitter.

For like 30 seconds! 😅 (wuss!) JK, LOL! I re-logged in!

But really? Do I get anything meaningful from it anymore? I feel like I don’t. I have met great people and have made some really good connections for sure. Connections and friends that I have other means to reach that is not twitter. I guess that’s the only thing, maybe missing someone’s connection in the internet, someone I really like. That would be the only downside, if any.

Then again this might just be me ranting for no reason. Maybe the fact that I forgot my meds the other night (😅). Or maybe the fact that I just finally had it? I’m going to take sometime and reflect on this. Perhaps I’m just overreacting and being a sensitive grown-ass-baby of a man. 😂


I did not forget my meds last night! (Wo-hoo!). And we started watching Dracula on Netflix and it’s, not half bad.

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