January 4, 2020

What’s a real twitter

Federico Viticci:

The new Twitter layout on iPad is, as I feared, a design catastrophe. It’s worse than before — now I get to stare at horrible world news all day, right there in the sidebar. And I have to keep using the official app because it’s the only real Twitter experience these days 🤷‍♂️

I very much disagree with this but we are all entitled to our own opinions. To me a reall twitter experience would be more real interactions with people regardless of the app. I very much dislike the, you interact with someone and all you get it’s a like” ❤️ twitter way of interact. There’s very little engaging. I mean, I get it for some people with thousands of followers it’s maybe the most manageable or easiest way to do it I guess.

Ged Maheux:

Uh yeah, as you would expect I totally disagree. Twitter is what you make it and you have options.

🛎 (ding)

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