First on the month (year) homescreen.

There are two things that I want to commit with here. I want to do more books, as you can tell there most likely be audiobooks. So, less podcasts, more books! Second, my task manager (🛎). I was really considering go with Todoist but another thing I want to do this year is reduce the amount of subscriptions I have. Which is why I am going to go with Things 3. But I’m committing this time, I won’t have OmniFocus or Todoist installed, you know, just in case”. Plus my Todoist subscription expired today anyways 😉.

And another change, it’s a minor one though, my calendar app. I’ll be honest I much prefer the stock one but I feel like it’s a pain in the buttness to navigate it and create events. To change from list view to the calendar view and so forth. Which is why for as long as I can remember I’ve been using Fantastical but it’s gotten old now. Hence why Calendar 366 it’s there. It’s like a younger version of Fantastical. Don’t quite like the name but meh!

And I think that’s it. Everything else will remain the same and most likely change by the end of the month 😅. We shall see.

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