November 21, 2019

Fun At Work and Safety.

Today was the company’s Anual Safety Pause, I believe it’s called. Basically they stop everything we are doing and have some kind of activity to raise awareness about safety. I’ve only been working here for about three months now but it seem like every year it’s a different theme or topic.

This year was all about safety while driving and the way they did it was quite fun. We went to this warehouse open space area and they had setup some sort of obstacle course. They had this path and they had tiny houses made out of cardboards and a crosswalk and they also had people by the tiny houses with play balls, simulating children playing. Also they had someone with a stop/go sign, kinda simulating a stop light at the end of the course.

With that setup, okay, in this facility they use these kind of electric tricycle looking vehicles, to haul some carts with whatever material, most likely seed. So we were driving this things through the obstacle course” under different scenarios and talk about them. In my group there was three of us and, yours truly, was the second person to go. My scenario was about driving under drowsiness.

So I’m driving the electric thing and I’m wearing these glasses 👓 and as I was driving someone would make the glasses go dark, I couldn’t she shit — pitch black. Sort of to simulate when you kinda close your eyes for a few seconds. I didn’t ram over anything or anybody, didn’t hit any of the cones, I think, and I had fun and learned a few facts that I have just probably forgotten. Oh that losing about two hours of sleep or so, our alertness is similar to the effects of a blood alcohol concentration of 0.05%. So by definition I was drunk driving this morning (😅).

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