Ever since I stumble upon this post by Nicholas Bate, it’s been on an open tab in my browser to reference it every day if possible. I loved every bit of it even if there are a few things I can’t do, like walking the last part of my commute, but it makes total sense and it’s inspiring.

Basics 7: Daily > > 1. Act sooner rather than later. > 2. Remember they have had a hard day, too. > 3. Walk the last part of your commute into work if at all possible; it’s a great transition from one bubble to another. > 4. Keep the ritiuals for security, comfort and productivity. Do some new stuff for fresh thinking, excitement and keeping you young in mind. > 5. Don’t let anyone spoil your day. > 6. Take at least one of your coffees on your own plus paper notebook and pencil and capture…. > 7. Reasure yourself you are on a planet. Walk real earth, observe a true horizon, feel the weather.

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