October 25, 2019

Commuting tales, Vol 4.

A little uneventful this morning, nothing too exciting. I was listening to a podcast on the way to work, The Talk Show with John Gruber, some of might have heard of it before. Nothing related to the podcast perse but I had a though, something I feel like I wanted to write about later today or at some point in time, and it made me think I need to write this down somewhere somehow before I forget”. It occurred to me, I have Drafts on my Apple Watch, I should use the dictation feature!”. This is something that I’ve always struggle with, a lot of my ideas come in while I am driving and I never use any of these features that are at my disposal like, Siri/Notes.app or Drafts. I believe the reason I don’t dictate my thoughts to Drafts even though I launched the app on my watch this morning and did try to dictate something. It’s stagefright”. I freeze and forget everything I wanted to tell or record, puff — gone! Isn’t that silly? It’s like the moment I know I am recording myself, even if its just words no audio involved, I freeze and can’t get my thoughts out. This is something I need to work on and get more comfortable doing and it sounds silly but it’s the truth, I swear to Batman!

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