October 18, 2019

A six-years old entry.

I found this entry from 6 years ago in Day One. I guess it never got posted anywhere else. Also, which podcast and also I wonder. What was going through my head at that time?

I was listening to a podcast this morning and these guys where talking about , well a some point the kinda talk about people at making decisions and how many of us struggle with that. For example , something as simple as making a decision on where to eat or what to do that night or what movie to rent. I’ve always have such a hard time at making decisions, don’t we all? I mean a lot of us are always scared on taking decisions by ourselves sometimes, we always need someone else to either make it for us or influence in our decision. Why are we so scared , rather why am I so scared ? I think it should be simple , you make a decision and don’t look back, if you fuck up then so be it. And if someone comes around the corner and confronts you or judge you, fuck it! It was your decisions not theirs, it’s yours and yours alone !! I think I should start putting these words onto practice and start making my on decisions without any doubts or hesitations !

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