Saying goodbye to the 75mm.

When I ordered the M.zuiko 75mm f1.8, I was really excited about it. It’s been about 5 months since then. The images this lens produced are amazing, very crisp and very sharp — they were great images. However, it’s not the most versatile of lenses, 75mm it’s a very unusual focal length, especially for the kind of photography I do. I found myself in many situations in which the lens would not be my best option. I’m more of a street photographer, to be honest so I wasn’t using it as much. It was great for landscape thought. Anyway I am always using either the M.zuiko 25mm f1.8 and even the M.zuiko 45mm f1.8. The 45mm it’s probably my favourite micro four lens, it works well in many situations and it’s great for portraits.

Today I decided to part from the 75mm and get the M.zuiko 17mm f1.8, which is the equivalent of a 35mm in full-frame, I think, I’m 99% positive on that. I have tried the 17mm before and it’s an excellent lens for street photography.

Now, I’m still have in mind to upgrade my camera system at some point but right now is not the best thing to do, so I’m gonna wait it out a little longer on that.

Today I was checking out the Fujifilm X100F , it looks hip! 😉

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