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Where the texts are.

Well, as much as I’m all up for minimizing and simplifying my systems. You know, trying to keep things in one place so I know where to find them. I also need to accept that I love trying new shiny things, all the shiny things. For example, text editors and note-taking apps. Which make finding things a little bit of a quest sometimes. One thing thought is that I’m a creature of habit. And I know for sure that I always bounce between the same apps with one constant app — Drafts. The other ones are, Ulysses, iA Writer and believe it or not Byword. For note-taking it’s usually between Notes.app and Bear (before Bear it was Vesper, I’m still mourning that app). Though, I don’t use Bear anymore but I know I can find stuff there so it’s installed and in a folder somewhere. So anytime I need to find something, it’ll be in either of these places.

That being said, I kinda want to start with the philosophy that is something has been published, I should not hold on to it for any reason. This has made use Drafts as my almost full-time text editor. I type my thoughts (like this one), publish to my Micro.blog site using a Drafts action and the last step of that action is to delete the draft. Simple. Right? Right. Plus, I almost never go back trying to find a past post, maybe an old note but never a blog post. So keeping them around it’s pointless.


I’m at it again! Looking at cameras 📷 — again. Looking at you Fujifilm X-Pro2 and looking at you, Leica Q. Wish me luck!

Posted on October 14, 2019

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