Setting up goals.

Always since high school I have always been interested in fitness, not in a professional way though. At the time the motivation probably was to look good for the girls, I guess. Whereas now is more about stay healthy and fit because I am not 25 anymore. But there has never been another goal other than just loose or maintain weight.

At my last job I knew this girl, she started this journey of hers, training for a fitness competition. I gotta say, she pretty much inspired me to get back into the gym and to resume a healthy lifestyle. Always admired her dedication, commitment and discipline. Every once in a while we would talk about fitness and workouts and that kind of stuff. She always suggested that I should probably train for a competition even if I don’t ended up competing at all. This is something that has been on the back of my head ever since.

I also have another lady friend that I knew from another previous job. She also decided to live a healthy lifestyle and her transformation is also very inspiring.

Another friend of mine, she used to compete as well and she the one who harasses me every now and then when she notices that I have gotten lazy. 😅

What if I do this? What if I commit myself to train in a different way. Not just about staying healthy and fitted but have a much bigger goal. I think what sets me back a little bit is everything that this would involve. It will involve discipline, sacrifice and, let’s be honest, it will involve money. I’ll probably going to have to invest on a trainer (or maybe not), on supplements (Protein shakes at least) and sacrifice a lot of the things I enjoy eating and/or drinking. I guess since I have been making progress in the past month or so I find myself motivated to do this. 💪🏼

I don’t know, I need to talk with a few friends and see what or how am I going to do this if I decide to really commit.

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