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I want to talk about music. The music that in one way or another shaped my current taste. Those albums or songs that made an impact or marked a very important moment in my life. I know I will probably miss a lot of stuff but I’ll try to remember the best I can. There has been a lot of other good stuff I have discovered over the years that most likely will not be mentioned here.

The Early Years, when I was a kid. This is the music that I used to listen as a kid a lot in Puerto Rico, from either my parents or the radio. There’s no specific timeline just everything I can remember that was important to me at the time.

(Side story: I remember a specific road trip, we went as a family, my grandparents, uncles, and cousins, to the Patilla’s River. It started drizzling 🌧, My grandpa says It’s just a little drizzle, it’ll pass right away” next thing we knew it rained the entire day. 😂🌧😂)

At a very young age, I remember having two cassettes of my own, I’m sure I had more but these are the two I remember the most and that made some sort of impact.


Then I remember somewhere around elementary and Intermediate school, I was introduced to Compact Discs, remember those? The first CD I’ve ever listened to was the soundtrack of the best movie ever made,

Fast-forward a little bit. This is me experimenting outside of what my parents used to play at home, I even had my compact disc player. This was probably between 6th to 9th grade, somewhere in there. The list is relatively short. There’s a ton of stuff that I am sure I am missing but these are the highlights of that time. Most of these will be old school Puertorican rap (or reggaeton), they all remind me of those garage parties we used to have. I still listen to must of these nowadays.

Then at some point between 9th grade and the first two years of high school, I started to listen to more Spanish (or Latin) Rock. Thanks to my girlfriend at the time and some friends, but especially my girlfriend and his brother (he was part of a band at the time so..)

Summer of 2000, between 11th grade and 12th, things got more diverse and random. A year or two prior was when we first got our first computer. It was some Compaq Presario with Windows 95 I remember, and with that Dial-up internet. Anyhoo, that summer it’s when things kind of took off. On that summer, there was a summer school program where they had us build computers, learn a little bit of computer language and on top of that they’d pay us. We were building and putting together the computer lab for the school. So I made new friends and with that, I was introduced to more music. Some of those were,

Then during that period of 2000-2001, I can’t remember what it was called but there was this service that you’d pay a few bucks initially and you’d get like five CDs and then it was like a subscription type thing, I might be wrong but it was something like that. That’s when I get my first 5 CDs of just non-Spanish music.

  1. Everything You Want by Vertical Horizon, still love this album.

  2. The Battle of Los Angeles by Rage Against the Machine, at the time I never heard anything like it, it was so good and different.

  3. The Better Life by 3 Doors Down, Kryptonite? Come on!

  4. Standing On the Shoulder of Giants by Oasis not my favorite Oasis album but it was in the one I ordered because I didn’t know any better. My favorite album most definitely is (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? of course.

  5. Now You See Inside by SR-71, That song Right now, anyone?

Those were my first five properly owned albums.


After that, I was pretty much listening to almost anything (Rock, Alternative, Pop, Reggae)

Same with

Now, I’m in college, some of my most precious album memories are here, not all but most. All for different reasons. I remember listening to;


And same with Frisbee by Caramelos de Cianuro, still to this day I remember all the lyrics!

My buddy also got me into more exotic” music (mostly drum-and-bass) as I called it back then like,

Around my second year of college, the ones that I remember the most were,

And somewhere between the summer of 2002 and the summer of 2005. I can’t remember exactly but I had a small gig at a local surf clothing shop in my town. I had a weird yet super cool manager. He introduced me to two bands that I still love to this day. The specific albums here,

Then some albums that marked very important moments in my life like,

Albums that Annie introduced to me once we started dating or we discovered together years later during our thing. 😅

(Side story: Nahko and Medicine for the people came to town for a concert, at the Egyptian Theatre here in Boise — cool venue. At the time we were living at, what is known here as the North-End, where all the hippies” (little did we know about the difference between hippies and hipsters) are. So we thought ourselves as hippies, until we went to that concert, then we just realize that we were not hippies at all and maybe just hipsters-ish. That was definitely an experience we will never forget. Fantastic show though, we did enjoy it quite a lot)

Now, of all the music I’ve mentioned. Is there anything I would still listen to from start to finish? Not sure, if I’m being honest. There’s a lot of stuff that did mean a lot or have some significance in my life but I am maybe no longer in that scene. One album I can say for sure I still listen to this day from start to finish would be Meteora by Linkin Park. Others like Disturbed, for example, I got to be in the mood and I am not in that mood often.

Here’s a playlist I’ve made with a least one song from each album mentioned above in case you’re curious. At least the ones that were available on Apple Music 😅.

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