September 11, 2019


No, I am not bored about life, not bored about the iPhone, or the iPhone’s home screen or/and my current tech. I feel bored about music, it’s like I can’t enjoy what I choose to listen or whatever the Siri lady picks for me — nothing dazzles me lately. Sometimes I think streaming services have, in some way, ruined the way I consume and enjoy music. Yes, there’s more discoverability but it’s hard to enjoy it all. A lot of times the discoverability or recommendations are not on point and yet I want to listen to it all! Then, when I do discover something I do enjoy, I easily forget about it because whether I intentionally want it or not, I will move on to something else. It’s like I don’t have the attention span for music these days either. This one reason I try to somehow document what I have listened that truly grabbed me, whether it’s here on my blog or Day One, sometimes both.

Is it a weird thing, feeling this way? Is it a personality thing? Or is it phycological? Am I going bonkers? All of the above?

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