State of the backpack (iteration 2, or 3?)

This week I got one of them EVERYDAY BACKPACK by Peak Design. I’m pretty sure I ordered the charcoal one, although it doesn’t have the red details like on the website for whatever reason. Regardless I am in love with this bag and I think I like it better without the red to be honest. Anyway, before this magnificent looking backpack I was rocking a TOM BIHN SYNAPSE 25 (on occasion I would use the 19 too).

And here’s everything that was in there.

When putting everything in the bag pack I didn’t put too much thought on where to put what, except for the more obvious things. I just wanted to have an idea how much of all my stuff I can fit with the standard configuration.

Pen looking things are on the right side pockets.

On the left side so far I have the Powerbeats Pro.

Top part I’ve got the iPad Pro, Nintendo Switch, probably my sunglasses will go in here too. iPad’s charging cable in the small pocket there along with my bottle opener and pocket knife. Again, in case of cheese.

In the center of the bag, like I’ve said I have the standard configuration, I’ve got my lenses and Camera at the bottom and in the mid section the charger cable for the work computer.

On the main computer compartment” I have, obviously my work computer. There’s also a small pocket there for quick access, there I’ve got my wallet, chapstick and the AirPods.

There’s also a cool way to securely attach you keys and have quick access to them.

And voilà!

I still got some empty spaces than I could fit more stuff in. I’ll probably going to start carrying the camera’s battery charger, since I got the space. Looks like I may also have some room for a diaper or two (and wipes) if I ever need to carry those, because I’m lazy and I don’t want to carry the diaper bag with me (😅).

So yeah there it is, my new state of the backpack.

Thank you for coming to my show and tell.

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