August 20, 2019

A day in the life…

Today definitely felt like the longest day ever. My parents are in town visiting from Puerto Rico so today I took the girls to Grandma-care and took my parents for a shopping spree in the morning. Then around 2:00pm we picked up the girls, took my parents and the oldest back to the house, left them then took the little one to her 9mo checkup. She did not have too much fun this time. She freaked out on the doctor a little bit, which it was somewhat expected. Then the doctor ordered a quick lab test to check for Luna’s hematocrit/hemoglobin levels, to make sure everything was normal and that she wasn’t anemic or anything like that. And to the lab we go and she got some blood drawn. She did not liked that one bit! Still, she did amazing, I thought it was gonna be much worse to be honest. The moment the needle was out, it was like it never happened. With that out of the way, I return home, now my wife and everybody else are waiting, we prepare dinner, I eat and pack Annie’s lunch for next day and to the gym I go. I get back from the gym, the girls are bathed and ready for bed.

Now, I finally feel like I’ve stopped that I can sit down, enjoy a drink and watch some tv with the wife (and maybe my parents too).

Having family around is good but I forgot how taxing it can be sometimes.

Anyway, I got a sweet pair of kicks out of this deal! 😅

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