Too many options.

Earlier this week I had made a comment about maybe having to go back to a full-on-task-manager. (First off, I may be getting way ahead of myself on this one, I haven’t even started my new job and I am already complicating it.) After making my comment I started thinking. What should I use, Things 3, the good-old OmniFocus, Todoist, maybe even TickTick or just flat out Reminders? And then I found myaself re-downloading all these apps and with them, anxiety. Now I got too many choices, too many apps, too many different systems. So I have a hard time deciding what fits best, then again I am just complicating things way ahead. When it comes to these types of systems is always the fear of missing a deadline, an important task, whether it’s work related or personal it all comes down to… FOMO?. But also I feel like these apps are just as good or beneficial as I’m good at keeping organized and on top of things. In my mind all these apps have to do all the job for me at reminding me things and organizing things for me. The reality is that these systems need me as much as I need them and I am lazy and suck at that part, I think. I hate maintaining these systems, they give me mental anxiety, I feel like I am serving them more than they are serving me. I am good at entering stuff, throw all the things at it!, but I hate having to organize things afterwards under projects” or areas and whatnot (tags…hm tags… I do love OmniFocus location based tags) and the weekly reviews, always forget that’s a thing I should do. Anyway, what I usually end up doing is picking up the system that needs the less work from me but its also effective. Past experience tells me probably OmniFocus would be the ideal system for me and I very much under use it but I have made it to work more for me than the other way around.

All that being said, as far as task-managers go and what I end up using, I’m going to put a pin on that one for now. Not gonna complicate my life just yet.


My workout today sucked, but is still did something. I very much dislike doing any type of physical activity on donation days. 🐳 💨

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