128 Days without a Task Manager

It has been about, I really don’t know, but I haven’t been using task managers for a few months now. I do have them (Things 3 and OmniFocus) installed just because… I don’t know… FOMO? Anyway, the thing is, I always had issues with task managers, and I have realized that the problem wasn’t the task managers themselves but me and the way I approach my tasks. Thus, I had stopped using them a long time ago and have been using the Reminders.app. For a while I was handling my reminders/tasks using GoodTask but even then I was using half of its features. I don’t need a very structured system I just need to get reminded at a specific day at a specific time about something.

Well I say this now, that my work/personal life isn’t as complicated. This might change.


After two phone interviews I finally have an in-person interview this coming Tuesday! (Whoo-hoo!) And I am excited/scared af! :D

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