July 4, 2019

To microcast or not to microcast?

I have been toying with the idea of doing a microcast, well the idea of podcasting in general has always been in my head. I don’t have a theme or topics I would like to discuss but I know I would love to create something. Just create something for my own satisfaction and see how it goes. Recently I have been thinking maybe just me talking out-loud, pretty much the same format and process as my blog posts but in audio format. I do have a few concerns or fears, maybe? Like, do I use my phone to record? and if so should I just use my AirPods?, should I buy any on-the-go type of equipment? , what software do I use for editing?. See? I’m already complicating this thing. Maybe I should think more about the content first and the quality later? My idea so far is just me talking out-loud on my way home or on my way to work and record whatever comes I feel like saying. We shall see…

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