There are a couple of things i want to experiment with this week and see how it fits within my workflow.

First thing would be photo editing. I do all my editing using iOS , I use an app called Cascable to transfer RAW files from my camera to my iPad. Then I’d use either VSCO or Darkroom for my editing. Today though, I had decided to edit some pictures using the built-in tools, and the result were pretty decent I gotta say.

Second, I am changing text editors again. For the past few months, since I got the 11” iPad Pro, I have been using Drafts exclusively but its hard to keep blog posts organized after they have been published, at least my long format ones. For this reason and a few others, I will be back at using Ulysses for my long format blog posts. iA Writer is another great option but I prefer Ulysses, visually makes more sense to me and it’s organization design, if you will.

Third, Task managers……. yup! I got nothing!

Thank you for coming to my TED talk!

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