Weeding date.

Weeding day was a fun yesterday. It is not all the time that Annie (aka @litzabel) and I get to go out without the girls. It was kind of like a date night for us. We had a good time, we even danced, I can’t remember the last time we danced. Again was a lot of fun but of course with some awkward moments. I met the bride while we used to work together at my old job and bacame really good friends even after we both left the company. Most of the bride’s friends at the weeding were also my friends and ex coworkers of mine (and hers) that I haven’t seen since I got laid off two years ago. So it brought back a lot of feelings, specially when I saw my former manager and she asked me what I was doing. Part of me really wanted to say I don’t want to talk about it, mainly because I have no pride in what I am doing right now. Perhaps is because I keep comparing what I do know to my previous job and is o feel like it’s not as good or fulfilling, I mean I was doing science and I loved it, still do. Also it lead to work related conversations between my ex corworkers that I didn’t feel like partaking in. Gladly my wife knows me well and she immediately changed the conversation. Besides that, it was a beautiful weeding and a great date night for us!

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