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The (schmuck) writer that I am?

This morning I was thinking about this blog of mine, the idea I had when I first started blogging” and what has become since. I was certainly inspired by people like Tim Nahumck, Seth Clifford, Matt Birchler over at Birch Tree and some John Gruber. But I can’t be a pro-writer, I am impulsive and just type down my mind with no theme in mind for my site”. Blogging to me its like thinking-out-loud. It is about putting out there whatever is in my head at the moment without putting too much thought on it, other than what I feel like saying”. It is very rare when I think about something for days, write it down and sit on it for a while before posting it.


Devil May Cry came out for the Nintendo Switch, guess I’m gonna have to buy it.

Posted on June 25, 2019

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