June 9, 2019

Something I liked this week Volume 12.

Assassins’s Creed Odyssey

I can’t put this game down! It has been almost a month since I’ve got it, for the Xbox One S, and just can’t, I can’t stop playing this game. The interesting thing is, that I actually own and had played this game before on another platform, the PS4. For whatever reason I really wanted it on the Xbox (maybe because of the achievements, or the fact that i had recently bought the Xbox) and it has been a very different experience so far. I have gotten into this game more than when I first played it on the PS4. (It also it glitches a lot more on the Xbox but that’s not here nor there 🤫) On this play-through I’m exploring more and doing more of the side quests and extra missions, I am barely halfway the main storyline and I’m already at level 52 I believe. The world in this game is not just beautiful but also massive , it’s a huge world-map! And there’s so much to do and get lost in, I’m having a blast!

It has been a while since I have had this feeling of I can’t wait to play when I get home”!! (Still I have to wait until everyone goes to sleep but you get the idea).

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