I’m deleting my Twitter (Not)!

This week I’m deleting my Twitter account…ish! I have been on twitter since June 2009, according to the app. And I cannot say I’ve had or have a bad experience with it. I mean, I do understand people’s concerns about the platform and its community and bleh, bleh bleh! I just think I have way too many other things in my immediate reality to worry about, than worrying what’s going on/with Twitter. Maybe that makes part of the problem, who knows?

Anyhow! I’m deleting my (underscore)gabytron account, probably by the end of the week but I have opened a new one at pixelgabz. The reason I’m doing this is simply because my old account has become, a little noisy and rather than do a massive unfollowing spree and whatnot, it’s easier to just start over. It’s not like I’ll be loosing thousands of followers or something like that. Having a fresh start will allow me to tailor my timeline I little bit better and focus on the the content” that I want to see, hopefully it works! If you’re still a Twitter user feel free to give a follow if you want, if not, that’s cool tool el-oh-el.

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