Re-evaluating my task managers.

Every now and then I go ahead and install every task manager app I own or have ever tried. As a way to re-evaluate or just because I’m bored. And then I start deleting them as I go and realize is not what I want/need at the moment. So I installed, Things, OmniFocus 3, Todoist, TickTick and GoodTask. Todoist and TickTick were the first ones to go, right now I still have the other three installed. I don’t know exactly how this is going to turn out but —OmniFocus!

As I was arriving to work this morning I got a location based notification from OmniFocus about a project that I had somewhat forgotten about. Well, more like it was in the back of my head until I saw the notification when I arrived at work and made me deal with it right away. I forgot how useful this feature is and how much I use it. So I may keep OmniFocus around and take advantage of some of its features.

I still like Things, I believe it’s an excellent and gorgeous application but I can’t stick with it for too long, don’t know why. My favourite thing about things is the Upcoming tab, I like how everything is presented in a clear way without too much clutter.

GoodTask is what I have been using for a while now. My only issue with it is that it doesn’t sync very well. Sometimes I complete or add a task and is not until I open the app that it syncs and the badge goes away or the added task shows in the watch complication. Maybe I’m doing wrong or there’s something I’m missing.

Anyway after all this playing around I am sure I’ll end up in the same spot. Part of me want to burn all my systems to the ground and start over with basic stuff, maybe even pen and paper.


I’m also at that point again of re-evaluating whether or not to keep my Instagram account. I had no problems closing Facebook but I’m having a hard time letting Instagram go and having it around makes me feel a little hypocrite.

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