Decisions, decisions.

I, shouldn’t have done it. I should have just stayed with what I have and not look around. But, the always curious — always unsatisfied — nerd in me, wanted to try. As I have mentioned before, I went ahead a created a Blot account. I wanted to see what it had to offer and why some of the cool kids I know use it, and I get why! It’s a very neat service and now that I got my system figured out even more so. However, I can’t decide, whether to keep my Mb setup or Blot’s. I made a list of the things I like and like-less from each service and…

It’s even! Can’t come up with a solid conclusion. For now I am maintaining, or rather, posting to both services in the hopes that one day I’ll make a decision but until then I’m just going back and forth in my head.

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