Overcomplicating a thing

I have been playing around with Blot for a few days now and it’s an amazing service and there are many many things I love about it but… Is it really for me? I gotta say, Micro.blog has spoiled me rotten, everything from hosting, to posting (with or without images) and managing” the site it’s so so easy and worry-free in many ways. I got all my Drafts actions and Shortcuts set in a way that makes everything 100x easier to post. Whereas, Blot requieres a little bit more tinkering”, and as I am sure there are ways to make everything easy and more automated, I am having a hard time with it. I do appreciate all the help I have gotten so far from different members of the community, specially @joshsullivan whom I have been bombarding with questions for days. But for some reason trying to make it work and some of the stuff that I am having difficult with, it’s causing me more anxiety than anything else. Perhaps I’m just getting a little frustrated by overcomplicating things for myself with something that seems like an easy fun thing. I might still try a few things before I decide to give up on it. Like I’ve said, I don’t want to feel anxious about something that should be fun.

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