Blot first thoughts.

Last night had setup a blot account and today I got pretty much every post exported to it. Everything went pretty smoothly I think except that some of my links are, not broken, but the formatting it’s wrong. I guess I can fix that somehow. I love the look of the default theme, I think was one of the reason I wanted to give blot a try, not the only reason though. Anyway now that’s done, now I’m thinking about how this move may affect my blogging workflow. For sure it seems like Ulysses pr iA Writer would be two good apps for writing and editing my blogposts since they integrate with Dropbox well. But I feel like I’m also adding more complexity to the way I blog. Right now the way handles my posts and images it’s super easy and convenient. Whereas with blot I’d have to create folders in Dropbox and add these images manually” in ways I’m not used to. Also now I’m thinking that I’d have to upgrade my Dropbox account because eventually I’m going to run out of space and that would be another subscription I need to worry about. I’ll keep playing with it, see how I feel about it and the changes that will come.

April 24, 2019

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