Everything for the Switch

Often times, a game will come out, sometimes for multiple systems and then I find myself debating. Do I buy it for the PlayStation 4 or for the Xbox One or for the Nintendo Switch? This is not taking into account graphics or performance, I could really care less for such intricacies these days, honestly. For example, I’ve never played Skyrim’s and I know, most people would advice to buy it for a console but is it really that important or necessary? Would it really change or matter than much the experience of the game? Would it entertain me any less if I play it on the Switch?

In one of the super secret channels where I hang with other nerds, someone mentioned something that resonated with me;

I want everything for Switch…There is an intimacy in playing with a screen a few inches from one’s face and good headphones that cannot be matched by a big-screen TV (as much as I love the big screen) and it really helps this game’s experience.

When I bought the remastered version of Darksiders (for a second time, the fist time being on the Xbox) I wasn’t sure why I did it. Now I think I know why. And not just that but the fact that I can play the a game anywhere and on the big-screen if I such desire, that to me it’s a very compelling reason to pick the Switch over the traditional console.


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