What I’ve been up to.

I feel like I haven’t been writing as much lately, except for a few short posts here and there. I don’t know, either I’m out of ideas or just a little busy? Well, I know I have been meaning to talk/write about how my workflow has changed since I got my 11″ iPad Pro, it’s been about a month now. I guess I just haven’t been able to organize my thoughts in a coherent manner. What I can say right now is that I love this device and yes, my workflow has changed considerably, I barely use (if at all) my MacBook Pro and I am fully invested in iOS, more than ever. I have started using the iPad more and more at work, for meetings, taking notes with the Apple Pencil and even managing my tasks.

Instead of writing I have been using the little time I have for myself playing video games. First started with Sekiro on the Xbox One S, and didn’t last long. The game it’s a little difficult at times, at least for me, and don’t feel like I have the time or the patience to deal with it’s difficulty. I quickly moved to the Nintendo Switch and got really into Darksiders, again! I have played this game on the Playstation 3 when it first came out, again on the Xbox and now on the Switch. Also been Playing Assassin’s Creed: Origins, for like the tenth time I want to say. I guess its some sort of a pattern to go back to games I am comfortable with when I get frustrated with a new one.

Another hobby I am starting to pickup again it’s photography. I have been back at going around shooting more often and getting that photography bug back. I have even ordered a new lens (whoop whoop!) for my camera, which it should arrive Friday (April 19th), the Olympus M.Zuiko 75mm F1.8 (so excited). I even made myself another photography challenge.

Now that I am more invested in the iOS ecosystem, I am trying to tight up or simplify my workflows. Meaning reassessing which apps I’m using for what, which ones to get rid off and such. Obviously Drafts has become my main text editor, yes both iA Writer and Ulysses are fantastic apps but the combination of Drafts with the post to Micro.blog action, it’s all I need. Also Drafts has been where all my text starts for years so it was a no-brainer. As far as my task managers debacle I believe it was come to an end (I am sure this will change later this week), I have been using GoodTask as my main task manager for a while now. Using a very simple setup, nothing too nerdy, just some lists and calendar view –– perfect! As far as systems goes, these two where my biggest struggles, task mangers and text editors.

Not long ago I wrote a little bit about my every day carry setup. Well that also has changed in a way, basically I had downsized from the Synapse 25 to the 19 Liters. Turns out I am going back to the 25, it is nice to have that extra space, even when sometimes that extra space isn’t necessarily taken advantaged of. But in the past two weeks I have found myself in situations were I wish I had the extra space. So I guess I can say that my experiment has been successful and obtained the data I needed? (el-oh-el).

Reading! I want to get back into it, I have probably went about it in the wrong way by buying three books in less than two weeks! Show your Work, Keep Going, both by Austin Kleon and a Novel, La Gran Novela Boricua by Alexis Sebastian Mendez, Alexis Zarraga. And of course a comic book trade Thor Vol. 1 God Of Thunder Reborn, I love Jason Aaron’s Thor!

Also been trying to get back into my workout routine, drink more water, less beer and eat healthy more consistently. So far there have been some progress as far as been more consistent and been careful with what I put in my body. Another change I made in order to have more time for the many other things in my life, I changed my work hours, I used to do ten hour shifts, and yes that meant three days off but it wasn’t worth it. Although my hours were always ten, my schedule in general is always changing, it is not very consistent. Some days I am the opener QS (Quality Specialist) or the closer or I might work from Monday to Saturday or even Sundays. Either way I barely had enough time to spend with my wife and kids and with myself since I was always too tired to do anything late at night or I had no time for anything before work –– it was a mess. Now that I am back at eight hour shifts, I have more hours in the day to dedicate time to both my family and myself.

All that been said, I want to make more time for writing and putting more of my thoughts and ideas out there. Maybe I should make some sort of schedule in which I get to dedicate some time to either read, play video games or writing stuff away. We shall see how it goes.


Today we are taking our 3-years-old, Marley, to a pre-school place to see if she (and we) like it. She is very excited about it so we will see.

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