My favorite place in the internet.

I have a couple of places in the inter-webs where I like to hang out. These places currently are Twitter, Private Chats, Instagram (still) and

I guess I understand people’s problems with Twitter, although I am not sure if it’s because I’m desensitized from most of these issues at this point but I don’t find it as bad (yet). Or perhaps, in a way, I have somehow tailored my Twitter experience/timeline in such a way that I don’t experience a lot of the problems Twitter may has, how knows. A benefit I’ve gotten from Twitter, if at all, is that I have met good people, some of them have become good friends, some have become an inspiration and gave me the courage to start blogging, I even found out about through Twitter of all places! Another thing I’ve noticed is that twitter has sort of become this place where you come across people with mutual interests and then those conversations move to private chats, whether that’s Slack or apps like Telegram. This is cool, I think, because then it becomes this group of nerds where we all share and talk about the things we like without all the noise from Twitter. I personally enjoy the group chats, people there are friendly and very helpful (or at least the ones I follow).

The place in the internet I enjoy the most thought, is definitely! Even when I first joined, I felt a little out of place. I guess as early adopters, most users are coders, developers, true writers that have been doing this for far longer than I have, to which I am not either of the above. And yet, I feel welcomed, this place has changed my view of what an online community should be. Not only encourages my blogging habits but I have come across with so many good content, blogs and people’s point of view on things that I wouldn’t have found it any other way. I love that I can be open about my thoughts and feelings without getting a snarky comment or a non-constructive criticism thrown at my face. If anything it’s a lot of understanding, compassion and good intended feedback. I have met great people — inspiring people — and I love hanging out with this group of good hearted nerds.

Sorry I am calling you all nerds. :)

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