January 28, 2019

What’s worth keeping?

What’s worth keeping? I think this was the real issue I was probably trying to address on my last post.

Ever since I started blogging”, I have been operating under the impression that everything I write needs a long term backup system. Everything and anything needs to be saved in some system and live forever in such system. Whether that’s iCloud or Dropbox. Does it really, thought? Is it that important? Is it necessary?

Maybe is not about saving everything, but rather what’s worth keeping. I think. The root cause for my issue here is that before Micro.blog, I was just making long posts” (more than 280 characters). Perhaps that was me trying to treat my blog more like a pro-blog”. And now that I am more active in microblogging and treating my blog more of a diary, I find myself posting more and more short posts (less than 280 characters). So, no, maybe not everything needs to be kept forever.

I think Simon Woods put it in the perspective for me;

…if I truly care about the things I am writing then I will go to the effort of attempting to maintain it.


I am still tryin to decide between Ulysses and iA Writer! When it’s not about tasks manager, its text editors. I have issues.

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