I broke it!

A long time ago, I remember listening to The Talk Show, the special guest was Merlin Mann. I don’t remember exactly what was it about, but what I do remember was Merlin saying something about, you don’t wanna do anything computer related while having a holiday party.

I should have listened.

Last night, for whatever reason, I thought it was a good idea to restore my MacBook Pro. Some things weren’t working right and also I didn’t be wanting to be running a beta anymore. I have done this before, many times over, and still I did some research before going in. I don’t know exactly what I did, what I deleted that i should have or what, but things weren’t going great. I contacted apple through the support app, chatted with a gentleman called Tim”, very nice guy. He tried to help me out the best he could, kept getting errors. Until the computer just went caput and when I tried to reinstall the software, there wasn’t a drive to install it to. So MacBook is a paperweight right now. Sad!

At least I knew in my heart I screwed up, something, not sure what but i did. Tim set me up with an appointment at the Genius Bar for Tuesday.

Yeah shouldn’t be messing around with my tech while I have been drinking. It was a delicious beer though!

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