January 13, 2019

When is it okay?

It’s has been a discussion in this household, for the past day or so, about whether or not it’s okay to share pictures of our kids on social media or online in general. It is a strange thing for me to think about, mainly because it is something I have been doing for years and never found an issue with it until now. The way I think of it (or thought of it) is/was, I have friends and family back home that would like to see, not just the kids but us too, how are we doing, how are the kids doing and see them grow. Friends as family that they don’t necessarily have the means or the chance to travel and visit us or we just don’t visit them as often. But yeah I have shared pictures of my daughter Marley before and gotten a like from a total stranger, which it’s, kind of weird. But that never bothered me, as much”. I am well aware that my instagram account is not private — yet — so that means that browsing and looking through my pictures is fair game I guess. I no longer share things on Facebook (or at least not directly), if I post pictures of my kids it’s either here in Micro.blog which it used to cross post to Facebook and still cross posts to Twitter and Mastodon, hm!, that seems like a lot of sharing.

My wife was suggesting perhaps to post pictures of them where their faces aren’t showing? To share the more personal ones directly with immediate family? For now I’m restraining myself from posting pictures of them showing their faces until I figure out exactly how am I going to approach this issue.

In the meantime, here’s a picture of me and Marley wearing our watches” 😅⌚️🐼

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