With Day One back in my homescreen, I also imported most of my old entries before I had deleted it. And with that I get back the On this day” notifications. This morning I got this note from 4 years ago. I’m sure I was referencing someone else’s blog post but all I did was taking snippets and entered them in Day One. I remember it was about someone getting tested to ADD. And how his reasons for doing so totally resonated with me and made me think… Should I get tested for ADD?

I have to actively think about maintaining eye contact during a conversation, which usually leaves me unable to listen to what’s actually being said.

fidget constantly and can’t have a phone conversation without pacing all over the place.

So I’m enjoying fewer and fewer games because there are a ton of games I should enjoy in theory” given my tastes, but my attention span cuts that off at the knees when I actually sit down to play them.

I fiddle with my phone constantly, refreshing Twitter every fifteen seconds even though I know logically that nothing’s changed (and even if it has it can’t possibly be important); knowing that something is happening and needing to know about it is such a powerful distraction that I can’t stop myself

All this points are still relevant to this day.

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