A Social experiment

Okay, here’s the pitch: delete all social media apps from my phone! (Except for Twitter because I am and awful person). Basically the idea is delete Facebook and Instagram off my device. I want to see if I miss any interaction with these apps, if I can resist the temptation of checking them out. Again to see if I can leave without these two apps and depending on that I may just close these two accounts for good. At this point I have no clear expectations on how it’s going to turn out but it’s a start. Also I’m aware that this is probably not a true test since in the back of my head I know they still exist and can be accessed in someway at anytime. Ultimately I think I would like to get rid of them and replace social media with this personal blog.

We will see.


We got some snow today and drivers got a little dramatic about it this morning on my way to work. 😅

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