Are there any rules?

Today I was reviewing my inbox in Ulysses and noticed that there was one item in it. About a week ago or so, I came across with an article that inspired me to write about something. This something has been siting in my inbox for about a week now. Now I am thinking if I should keep working on it. Shall I delete it? Is it okay for it to sit in my inbox until is ready? How long until it’s considered an abandoned project? Are there any writing” rules about this?

I am not a writer whatsoever, I just type my mind onto a blank sheet and post them away. But it made me wonder if good writers — real writers — have a set of rules” about something like this. Like if something they have started isn’t ready within a day or within a week, it will never get published. Or it doesn’t matter as long as it’s ready whenever? I don’t know, stuff like that. Like for example, I have a rule when editing a photo, which it was inspired by favorite photographer Travis Jensen. One time he did one of those Instagram stories AMAs and I asked him what was his go to editing software. I can’t remember which software he said he used, I think it was an old version of Lightroom. But he also said and what it really stuck with me was, if he had to spend more than five minutes editing, that photo would never see the light of day. Because that meant that, the photo, was never good to begin with. Something along those lines and it made sense to me.

So, about this project” siting in my inbox, I am not sure how I feel about it. I think it would be something fun to write about and eventually share it in my blog. I just don’t feel like it’s ready — needs more editing. Is that okay? Or should I forget about it at this point? I don’t know just a thought

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