November 10, 2018

The new iPad Pro

Okay, do I want the new iPad Pro? F Yes. Do I need it? No. Would I still buy it? Yes. Can I justify the price tag?…..No.

The new iPad Pro looks like a great piece of hardware And I’m sure it’s worth every penny but is not for me (or is it?). The thing is, I’m sure many people can justify spending this kind of money for the new hardware. People that are looking to replace their laptop as their work machine or people that they just prefer to work on iOS versus a MacOS for example. And I totally get that. I personally own a 2017 13″ MacBook Pro and I love it. I love working on it, it makes more sense to me in my head that replacing it for an iPad. I do also own a 10.5″ iPad Pro and I love it as well, but is not my main working machine”. My main use for an iPad, honestly is media consumption, watching videos and reading comics, that’s all I use it for. And thus I can’t justify the new iPad and its price tag, it’s not going to replace my laptop and is not gonna get the kind of heavy-power-use most people will give to this hardware. This why I won’t be buying one, at least for now.

If I were to buy a new hardware it’ll probably be an iPad mini, currently mu 10.5 it’s been taken hostage by my 2-year-old daughter. Playing some kid’s games and movies. So I might get her the mini just so I can get my 10.5 back. Many times I’d rather carry that in my backpack and leave the MacBook at home.

All that said, just watch and see how I get one sooner rather than later!

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