March 13, 2018

Memory Lane, volume 1.

Found this entry I wrote 4 years ago, as a memory” in my journaling app. Can’t believe it’s been four years. That was a fantastic Batman run by one of my favorite artists. Batman 29 was part of the Zero Year storyline, where they basically retold Batman’s origins.

Something I gotta share quick, as some of you know DC comics back in 2011 or so decided to reboot” the universe, meaning they gave their characters new beginnings, new stories, and whatnot right. They didn’t do anything crazy like Superman is now from f&%ing mars, and he’s green” everything is like it should be, but some things have changed. So they started giving everyone new origins and what not except for Batman. Finally, they decided okay we need to tell the origins story for the new generation, so they reached the writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo to tell the story right. We all know the origins of Batman and blah blah blah but I just read Batman issue 29, and the story and the art are so well done that I was like OH MY GOD THEY KILLED HIS PARENTS!!!” I mean if you can throw me off like that and engage me even tho I already know what’s suppose to happen, you, as a creative team, you are doing your job right. And I have to say BATMAN # 29! WOW !!!!! Yeah, I know this is the Geek in me talking but had to share !!!

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