March 7, 2018

A day in the life…

Ever since I became a freelancer” my routine and habits have changed drastically. Not only has been affected because of my new found profession” but some other life events as well. It got pretty much all over the place, a little out of control some may say. And it was like that for a while, trying to figure things out and dealing with it. However, things have changed recently. Still a freelancer but now I can say I am also a stay-home dad — and it’s excellent.

Needless to say, my personal routine has changed again. But this time things are a little more interesting. First thing in the morning, Marley wakes up (before everybody else of course), I change her diaper, prepare milk, give her the milk and sometimes she might go back to sleep. Some other times she doesn’t fall back asleep because we need to drop off mama at work. After either she wakes up, or we get back, I make coffee (always coffee first — always). I also prepare myself some breakfast. Usually, two eggs scrambled with veggies. I prepare something for the little one as well, a plate with fruits, cereal and a piece of chocolate (please don’t judge). We sit at the kitchen table set her up with her iPad Pro (actually _my _10.5” iPad Pro), so she can watch some cartoons while she eats. Once she’s all set up I login into my computer, put on my helmet and start job hunting. There are several breaks in between due to a very demanding 2yo which I don’t mind at all, she’s a lot of fun. Sometimes she will get a bath, and I’ll let her play for a long while I do my computer stuff.

Then around midday is nap-time, usually a struggle but I have found ways to make it happen. For example, Hey Siri, play Jump Around by House of Pain,” and we jump around the house until she’s exhausted. That’s when I do catch up with my nerdy podcasts, maybe watch a movie or like yesterday, take a phone interview! Then usually the afternoon may vary, we play or watch cartoons or just go out and about.

So I am both a freelancer and a daddy-daycare and to be honest, it is a lot of fun (a lot of work too), and it makes me happy. Getting to spend so much time with my daughter is one of the best things I have right now. Yes, I would love to find a job and get some real income, and I’m doing everything within my power to achieve that, or at least I think I am. But I have no control over certain things, unfortunately, but spending time with Marley and play around, teach her things, it is so awesome, and I love it!

My professional life is a little screwed up at the moment, but my heart is content. Perhaps I should find a job where I could work from home? Maybe start the most fabulous successful blog in the world? Probably not, this is just a thing I’m doing for fun. Seriously though, the day I find a job, I am sure I will be missing these moments, so better enjoy them.

In other news! I had a job interview over the phone, and I am expecting to have another one coming up, from a different company. And we will see what happens. I am sure I’ll write some nonsense about it!

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