Why I write

I was thinking about why I, all of the sudden, started writing again and having the need to share it. Is it because I’m bored and have too much in my mind? Or simply lost the fear of sharing whatever I write? Also thinking about the things I have been writing about. I am not a tech journalist or critic — nor a professional blogger. I just have stuff in my head and feel like putting them down in words. I feel like most of what I write and the way I write about, it’s more like a conversation I would have with a coworker or a friend. Which it’d make sense that I’m writing more because I have recently lost my job so I don’t have coworkers or many people around to talk about some stuff. And maybe that’s the reason why I feel more and more the need to write, to take things out of my head. Either way it’s seems like it’s been a good exercise. Plus it’s my own blog so I can’t talk/write about anything and everything I want, right? But what had always held me back from sharing my thoughts had been the fear of criticism. The same thing goes for my passion for photography, some people say I take good pictures. That I should put up a website to showcase and/or sell some of my photos. And again, when it comes to photography I am also afraid of criticism. I am my worst critic and I don’t think they are worth showing or sold. Maybe one day I’ll get around that and lose that fear too.

In other news! I don’t really have anything exciting….. I found the Super Mario cereal box at my local grocery store and that made my daughter happy (or it made me happy).

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