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Snow Day

Snow Day

Today we had probably the worse snow day in the past few years, at least to my knowledge. The last time I remember seeing this much snow was back in 2008 when I first moved here. I remember it was mid February and there was still a lot of snow around and yet people say it wasn’t as bad as this year. Regardless, today was a challenge to come out of the house and try to get the kid to the grandma’s and then the wife to work and the worse part of all of it is that for some reason I woke up starving! I was super super hungry so I knew I needed something to eat right away. So I had decided to go to a near by Starbucks after dropping my wife off and get a sandwich or something and coffee, of course. I get to the Albertsons (where the Starbuck it’s located at) and perfect, there was nobody in the parking lot and nobody in the store. I purchased my coffee (Grande non-fat flat White) and my sandwich (Double smoked bacon and egg). Go back to my car and thought it was the perfect opportunity to sit there in my car and eat my sandwich. And just when I was about to get my first bite, another car pulls right next to me! Crap! Now I’m thinking that this person is going to look at me eating. Of all the places this person could have parked — the parking was empty — it parks right next to me! Anyway, regardless I ate my sandwich and continued my merry way to work, which it also was kind of a challenge. The roads were so bad, cars were getting stuck in the snow and everything was slower than normal — a mess to say the least.

Getting back home at the end of the day had the same challenge, roads were bad (specially in the neighborhoods, not so much the main roads) traffic was slower than normal and cars stuck in the snow. I don’t think I have ever shoveled so much snow in my life. I hope tomorrow conditions improve otherwise it’s going to suck a bit.

Posted on January 6, 2017

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